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Dear Chronic Complainers – You’re Exhausting

This post is for all of the chronic complainers out there.

You know those cranky people that whine because; water is too wet, milk is too white, heat waves are too hot, knives are too sharp and the dark is too dark?  This one is for all of the grumblers that find joy in overwhelming everyone with an endless barrage of negative commentary.

Hell Yea! This poem is for all of you crabs and crumbs that will fail to see the humor behind what I have written.

Happy Monday!

Poor Me Said She

(Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s poem – “Sour Face Ann”)

It’s so dang hot

I like to say it lots and lots.

I’ve got sweat like polka dots

It’s makin pools inside my socks.

It’s so dang hot

And one ice cube is all I got.

I’d be a fool to share you see

Cause it’s only hot on me.


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