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Images from September 11th, 2001, “New York’s Tragic Face”

I barely lived in Manhattan a year when our city was sucker punched.

If you also lived here then you will probably remember

  • not being permitted, under any circumstance, to leave the island
  • looking downtown, 6 months after the assault, and seeing a thick, menacing smoke twisting out of the rubble
  • smelling that smell, a combination of burnt jet fuel and god only knows what else
  • stopping dead in your tracks whenever you heard a plane flying overhead and maybe even having nightmares of planes crashing
  • intermittent cell phone service or none at all
  • having a flyer handed to you, with a picture of someone who worked on the 104th floor of 2 World Trade Center, with the word MISSING above it – long after authorities had moved beyond the search and rescue phase

We all have something or someone to memorialize.

If you lost someone my thoughts are with you.

Below are images from newspapers that I collected just days after 9/11.

Please share this post so that we can be reminded of something we can never forget.

What do you remember? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below.


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