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C’mon In And Meet Boo Boo Dinks. She Is Purrrfect! Plus EXCLUSIVE Interview.

My husband refers to this position as the “cinnamon swirl.”

I don’t have enough space in this post to describe how much I adore my cat called Poo.  She is the sugar in my coffee and the butter on my bread.  Beyond all of the hissing, biting, hair balling, and over the shoulder dirty looks, she is as U2 once sang – “The Sweetest Thing.”

I told Poo that I was dedicating this post to her and she suggested we include an interview. Oh, and just to clarify, Poo refers to Ryan (my husband) and I as her humans.

Here is what she had to say.

Human – What is you favorite piece of furniture to scratch?

Poo – Oh that’s a no brainer – the right corner of the couch.

Human – What are some of your favorite foods?

Poo – Cheesy marinara, salty potato chips, Frank’s hot sauce and of course tuna (in water)!  Occasionally I like to snack on spider webs.

Human – Interesting. Do you have a best friend?

Poo – Yes I do. His name is Fred and he is filled with, my only guilty pleasure, CATNIP!

Human – What are some of your favorite toys?

Poo – I love to smack around little strips of paper and wrestle with bendy straws.

Human – I see…well can you….

abrupt stop

Poo – Okay this interview is over.  It’s time for me to take a nap.  Go away human!


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