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HELP! My Ballcock Broke!

How can you name a toilet Memoirs?

Last weekend my toilet broke.  After some trolling on the internet I figured out that I needed a new ballcock.  Say what?  Yea, try saying ballcock 5 times really fast. I bet you can’t help but smile because the word is too kooky to be real.  I had to go to 3 different hardware stores.  I did everything that I could to avoid saying the word – “Um excuse me, do you sell those huge rubber things that go in the toilet tank?  You know the thing that goes in the hole and stops the water from flowing?”  I should have just said the dang word.

Anyway, to find the perfect ballcock I needed my toilet’s serial number.  I figured that it had a number but I had no idea it had a NAME!  You ready for this?  My toilet is called Memoirs.  How can this be so?  Why in the world would you name a toilet Memoirs?  I mean do the people at Kohler think that my toilet and I are making memories?  Does my toilet have a memory?  I keep thinking that I am going to go in the bathroom and my toilet is going to say something like –  “Hey girl, how are you feeling today?  You were really sick last night.”  Or maybe something like – “Hey, could you remind your husband to put the seat down?  It gets chilly in here.”  How am I supposed to deal with this?  Before the ballcock debacle my toilet was just this anonymous, porcelain structure and now it has an identity.

We are forever changed.

If  you don’t believe me look at the picture attached to this post.


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