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How Do You Swallow A Square Pill? (Without Choking)

My dermatologist has been trying to figure out a winning combination of serums and face washes to treat my acne.  So far the results have been very milk and water.  On a recent visit she upped the ante and prescribed an antibiotic. With my fingers crossed I dropped off the prescription and waited for my friendly pharmacist to say, “Mrs. Clancy your all set, do you have your Duane Reade card?”

I come home, pop open the bottle, and see a crammed mess of Pez on steroids.

Not only are the pills huge but they are SQUARE.  How in the world am I supposed to get these beasts down my throat?  What was the drug company thinking?  I guess they reasoned that if you choke on it and die you will no longer have acne?

My strategy is to take the medication when my husband is home just in case I need the Heimlich.

I am also looking for one of those – what to do if someone is choking posters –  just in case.


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