Poems, Poems and More Poems

A Poem – Cat And Bug

Cat  and Bug

Oh Mr. Spider please leave me alone.

Your bididdle daddle scares me

And I don’t like you in my home.

Oh Mr. Spider I don’t wanna play.

Please keep your criddle craddle

Away from me today.

Oh Mr. Spider wait, what is this I see?

Quit crinkling on my cup

And trying to drink my tea.

Oh Mr. Spider I walked into your web.

And now your scriddle scraddle-bididdle daddle

Is all over my furry, little head.

Oh Mr. Spider

Your no ordinary bug.

Cause you creep and you crawl

With a glop, glop, glug.

Oh Mr. Spider with your twenty tap dancing toes.

You crawl across my wall

And you end up in my nose.

Oh Mr. Spider I don’t want to play.

I don’t get happy and excited

When I see you glugging my way.

Oh Mr. Spider you scare me to my bones.

Could you please just this once craddle in someone else’s home?

And take your scriddle and your scraddle.

Take your bididdle and don’t forget your daddle.

Yes please Mr. Spider just leave me alone!


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