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From The Archives – Silly Poem About Politics


In honor of the debates tonight – a reminder to keep things light.

A Silly Poem About Politics

It was a bright fine day

Every cloud tucked away

When 2 complete strangers

Found one another in each other’s way.

At first they both glared

With their beady little eyes

Until one spoke up and said,

“Hey let’s give this thing a try.”

So said the 1st man,  “I’m 6 foot 2”

And said the 2nd man, “I know I’m looking up at you”

And said the 1st man, “I can swim and swim for hours”

So said the 2nd man, “I can’t even stand the shower”

And said the 1st man, “I like cats they’re pretty neat”

So said the 2nd man, “I’d rather have a dog at my feet”

And said the 1st man, “I love a good stretch in the morning”

So said the 2nd man, “I find stretching really rather boring”

They went on like this for hours and hours,

Man 1 wanting Man 2 to give up his power,

Man 2 demanding that Man 1 see things his way,

Both men put on quite a show

And there still going at it today.

But what both these gents

Are failing to see is

The answers are not so simple

And no my dear friends

They will never, ever be.

So let’s shake hands

Let’s call it a day.

Let’s agree to disagree

Do you think that’d be okay?

For when you think about it

There is something on which we both can agree

That eye to eye is something that we will never, ever see.


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