Poems, Poems and More Poems

A Poem – If Pointing Your Finger Is What You Choose Your Finger To Do …

Pointing your finger –

Is something so easy to do.

It’s easier, I believe,

Than tying your shoes.

It’s the easiest of easy –

It requires no extra things.

You don’t need a tool on the end of a string.

You don’t need a shovel or a spoon or a knife.

No mathematics is required –

To do it just right.

Thank Goodness!

You can do it while hopping –

On your left foot.

Or even with both feet on the ground.

You can do it public –

While people are watching  –

Or in private

Without even making a sound!

If pointing your finger –

Is what you choose your finger to do

Then please be sure to remember

For every finger you point out my friend

There are 3 with their sites set on YOU!


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