Auth Street Series

The Auth Street Series – “My Buddy” – Nanny’s Poems

Buddy Buttons and Nanny

The 5th installment of the Auth Street Series – the original and published poetry of my Nanny M – is about her dog – Buddy Buttons.

I have to admit that I got a little choked up when I was reading this last night.

This piece  is very, very special.

Of course I had to include a picture of the 2 of them together.

If you missed the launch post and want to learn more about this collection please visit –

The Auth Street Series – “Grandma’s Place” (posted on 10*12*12)

Today’s piece is titled “My Buddy.”

At times I feel your presence sitting closely by my side … Or running for my slippers with deep dark eyes displaying pride … I miss your happy greetings arriving home and how you’d wag your tail … Especially getting dinner ready … Oh, how you’d bark when you smelled spaghetti … Oh, how I laughed when you carried your plastic dish and placed it gently in my lap … Or proudly carried our paper to awaken me from a short nap … Patient, obedient, lovable friend … A priceless gift that can never happen again … Rest well little creature of God … You’re free now, and safe in His hands.


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