Poems, Poems and More Poems

Mr. Fickle Funny Weather … Another Funny Fickle Flop!


Mr. Fickle Funny Weather

I wish he’d get his act together.

One day it’s hot

And the next it’s not.

Then it starts to snow

And my boots get all ready to go,

Then it starts to rain

And I have no umbrella to protect my mane.

Then the sun comes out again

And just when I think I am safe …

Mr. Fickle Funny Weather screams out “HURRICANE.”

So I board up my house,

I even give a heads up to the mouse,

I blow up my boat,

Should my house start to float,

And wouldn’t you know

That hurricane, never dripped a drop.

Mr. Fickle Funny Weather’s forecast

Another funny fickle FLOP!

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