Poems, Poems and More Poems

A Poem – A Guitar And A Snare

A Guitar And  A Snare

A guitar and a snare

Start a band.

In the beginning

This pair had a plan.

We will rent a big bus

That will fit both of us.

We will fly far away,

And for kings we will play.

We will rock every town.

Throw some eight notes around.

We will triplet the beat,

Use both rest and repeat.

We will play out of key

Oh, What stars we will be!

Let’s get going!

Let’s get started today!

But there’s just one small fact

That they didn’t look at

Just one little part

They forgot from the start.

Without fingers and feet

There won’t be a beat.

Without eyeballs and thumbs

No chords will be strum.

Without a:

mister or a miss,

A brother or a sis,

Without a Billy or Gina,

A primo or prima,

Without a Joey or Benita,

Or a tio and a tia,

There just a block of wood and a mess of strings

Without humans – you fools

You can’t play a thing!

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