Poems, Poems and More Poems

The PrOblem with POlka DOts

Polka Dots

The prOblem with pOlka dOts,

Is they can shOw up in the craziest O’ spOts.

They can sprinkle in yOur hair.

Scatter and splat On the seat Of yOur chair.

Tickle the tip Of yOur tOes

Land square, strait, flat

On the rOund of yOur nOse.

They bOunce, bump and glide just abOut anywhere

That’s the ting abOut pOlka dOts …

They really just dOn’t care.

A straight line is more my speed you see

It has a




And an

In between.

So if I had my pick

It’s with a straight line I’d stick!

POlka dOts – silly spOts

Oh sure, they appear tO be O’ sO friendly

But where there is just One

Their shenanigans have just begun

FOr sOOn there will be

One thOusand, 2 trilliOn tOO many!


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