Welcome to oddsandsorts.  Your visit is much appreciated!

Quick points about me:

  • My name is Dawn
  • I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY
  • I am married and my husband is not only my #1 fan but also my Editor in Chief
  • I have a cat called Poo who has more names than I have fingers and toes  – (little bunny, boo boo, stuffy, stinker butt or buns)
  • I am an expert on growing up in pure chaos, a poet, speaker, volunteer, entrepreneur, social scientist, creative soul, brownie batter lover, traveler and novice photographer

Why I started this blog – oddsandsorts:

  • I needed a creative outlet and I wanted to improve as a writer/poet
  • I also wanted to see if I could start up and stick with a blog – so far so good

What you can expect when you visit:

  •  Poetry, musings, hand crafted illustrations and hopefully something that will inspire a smile


New Blog Alert – Growing Up Chaotic – http://www.growingupchaotic.wordpress.com

Dawn – what’s this – Growing up Chaotic all about?

I was raised in a home that was drenched in dysfunction. All 4 of my parents abused alcohol and as a result A LOT of physical, emotional and mental abuse was dumped on my lap.

Today, I am very proud to EXCLAIM that I have survived my upbringing and have gone on to thrive in my life.

I hope to help others with similar experiences do the same by providing – Inspiration, Hope and Guidance.

You can follow me on Twitter @grwngupchaotic

To learn more visit and follow the Growing up Chaotic blog at


Any questions for me?  I would love to hear from you – please leave a comment below!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey I just nominated you for two awards. In order to qualify you have to answer the questions that are in my post and nominate 10 others that you think deserve the awards. Congratulations!! Manboy.

  2. fechthisshit nominated us both for a couple of awards. That’s how I found you. Just reading your about page I already like you. Had my own share of childhood disfunction, but boy, not as big a share as you got. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger eh?

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